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I know this is a little different for this site. It isn't a beer article but it is a tribute to one of the early union supporters. Mr Seeger was an activist until the day he died. He believed in the common working man and peoples' rights and freedoms no matter what race, color or sex they are. The following are the Lyrics to a song he wrote in 1942 to support the union movement


The Colombian Labor Ministry on Tuesday expressed regret over the murder of a regional leader of the Sinaltraceba brewery workers union in the northern coastal province of Atlantico.
Unknown gunmen on Saturday fired six times at Ever Luis Marin Rolong, a 46-year-old electrician, as he was waiting for a bus in the town of Soledad


Labatt workers off job since spring 2013
Three Labatt employees who were eligible for retirement in the past year are left in limbo as the strike nears the 10-month mark.

Striking Labatt Brewery workers had a bitterly cold day on the picket line Thursday when temperatures reached -30 C with the windchill. The strike has been ongoing for almost 10 months.

One of them was Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE) Local 7004 president Frank O’Leary, who said he could have taken early retirement in 2013.

“It’s up in the air, that’s it,” said O’Leary, who has worked at the Leslie Street brewery for 32 years and may lean towards leaving over sour relations after the strike is concluded and there’s a contract.


This story is more about what is in the future than about the union actions. The questions raised by this is do people that don't pay union dues vote on union business. The republican party won't let you vote to elect there representatives unless you are a dues paying member so why do unions ave to do this. The people fighting not to pay dues are backed by multi-national companies that won't stop until all unions are busted and there is no middle class. It is not about a persons right to work it is about corporate greed. This is a growing movement that must be stopped.


St. John's (28 Nov. 2013) - The Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE/NUPGE) is calling on the provincial government to immediately introduce legislation that will prevent the use of replacement workers and strikebreakers during a legal strike.

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NAPE/NUPGE calls on government to introduce legislation to ban strikebrakers

“The lack of such legislation has prolonged strikes and caused undue hardship for the working people of this province, including the workers who are currently on strike at Labatt in St. John’s,” said NAPE President Carol Furlong.

I know this isn't beer but this is relevant. The governors of the southern states are luring businesses to the states with promises of a low wage with next to no benefits and no unions or at least unions with very little power. The south is full of "right to work states" This is a plan being carried out with the help of the Republican party in the USA that is a direct attack on unions and giving workers the ability to be represented by a union but not pay for it and pick and chose when they wish representation. This is very bad. Truth be known this bunch of senators were responsible for the huge concessions that the Auto unions had to succumb to in order for the big three car company's to get there rescue payments.There are cases documented of new auto workers in Detroit that are legally collecting food stamps. Just look at the story's coming from Detroit. The fact that they went bankrupt with no bail out but the auto company's received one is glaring proof of how powerful this group is. The story below is frightening.


This is the group of investment bankers that AB-InBev sold the american Labatt's business to in 2007

Friday, Oct. 4, 2013
Pyramid workers accuse Berkeley brewery of union busting

BERKELEY, Calif. — Some workers at the Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley collected their final paychecks Friday, but they're not giving up the fight to keep their jobs after they claim they were laid off as an act of retaliation for trying to unionize.
Pyramid Brewery in Berkeley has only 15 employees. The workers tell KTVU it their second family away from home.
Now they're fighting to stay a family as they received what may be their last paychecks from the brewery


Kent’s pubs, clubs and brewers are bracing themselves for industrial action this week which is threatening to cause a beer shortage this week.

Deliver drivers, draymen and warehouse staff across the UK - including Kent - will stage a 24-hour walk-out on Wednesday and impose a strict work-to-rule system, refusing to work over-time.

And that means some of the biggest brands could run dry


Is the Beer You Are Drinking This Weekend Union Made?

Labor groups keep websites of union made beer for the discerning consumer, but a Canadian boycott of LaBatt products highlights a disturbing reality about the corporations behind our suds.
July 4, 2013 |
Summer is a season best celebrated with barbeque, fireworks, and great quantities of beer (although the latter two are usually best when unmixed). This holiday weekend, in particular, allows for an prolonged period of indulgence. But how to choose your beverage? The average American consumer is presented with a bewildering array of beers. Preference depends on a wide variety of factors: Taste, tradition, regional pride, which ads have seeped deepest into our unconscious, and the lateness of the hour. For some, drinking union-made may give their beery binges the righteousness of the just. (A feeling that is often further inflamed after beer number three


The Labatt (AB-InBev) breweries in Canada are each holding information pickets weekly until the company goes back to the bargaining table and the two sides come to a fair deal. This is the London Ontario Brewery represented by SEIU Local 2.