Stella started being brewed in 1926

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Despite the nearly 700 years Den Horen’s Brewery has been in existence, it wasn’t until 1926 that the history of Stella Artois itself began. The drink was originally promoted as a seasonal beer (for the Christmas months), but after finding tremendous success in the Canadian market, it quickly became a year-round favorite. This began a successful and profitable expansion of the Stella Artois brand into new markets around the world. By the '30s, the unique lager was popular throughout Europe, Canada, and the US. The growth hasn’t stopped, and in 2006, nearly 10 million gallons of Stella were being produced every year.
Stella Artois is currently manufactured by Anheuser-Busch InBev, a company that produces hundreds of brands of beer but stills works to keep Stella’s unique history intact. In fact, InBev is based out of Leuven, Belgium, the exact spot were Stella was first created. Today, just taking a look at a bottle of Stella Artois shows you that the company hasn’t forgotten its storied past. The bottle design reflects the very first design of 1926, incorporates the logo of the original Den Horen brewery, and features the date 1336, when the brewery first began.
Truly, Stella Artois is a beer rooted in history. Although it started in Belgium, the beer has become an international sensation and is currently sharing its story with beer lovers across the globe.