If any place in the world epitomises the David and Goliath battle that is upending the global beer industry it is Belgium, home to both the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev , and arguably the famous small-scale “craft” beers, the trappist ales made and distributed by monks

For AB InBev, maker of the Budweiser and Stella Artois brands, the trends have been less than favourable.

Beer drinkers in western Europe and North America have been consuming less for years and sales volumes in both regions have been dropping.


Five Companies Bidding For Ethiopia's Meta Brewery
The largest brewery in the country, Meta Abo Brewery, is up for sale by the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Authority (PPESA), according to Capital. Five companies are shortlisted and on the bid as of Thursday December 16, 2010.


BURTON’S newest micro-brewery has been officially opened and described by the man who will run it as ‘the best Christmas present ever’.

Master brewer Steve Wellington (left) and Molson Coors UK chief executive Mark HunterWilliam Worthington’s Brewery, based at the National Brewery Centre, in Horninglow Street, is Molson Coors’ response to the burgeoning demand for cask ales.


News 05-11-2010
The union of workers at the Heineken brewery in St-Petersburg, Russia held a picket at the plant’s gates on October 18 to highlight their call for negotiations to reverse the creeping expansion of agency labour at the plant. Members of the city’s other unions in the food and beverage sectors took part in the action.


I just read this. It sounds very positive. Can anyone tell us how it is working?

In February 2010, management and trade unions at Carlsberg Bulgaria signed an agreement for a social plan to accompany the company-level collective agreement. The social plan includes a range of activities related both to the company’s human resources and sustainable development of the regions where Carlsberg subsidiaries are operating. The activities will be implemented through partnership with trade unions and information and consultation mechanisms.

In February 2010, management and trade unions at Carlsberg Bulgaria signed an additional agreement for a social plan as an annex to the company-level collective agreement, which has been in operation since 2009. The plan generally addresses social support and assistance for the employees.



A spat has broken out over can technology between two brewing giants. Molson Coors has been cleared of misleading consumers following a complaint by Heineken UK to the Advertising Standards Authority.

A poster and TV ad for Carling's Taste Lock can were reported by Heineken UK to the ad watchdog for implying the can was a new design and used new technology. Heineken UK claimed the poster's statement that it was "scientifically proven to lock in great taste" implied the can was better than competitors' cans.


It’s enough to make a brewery executive cry in his beer.

For more than two decades, Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue duked it out for the title of Canada’s best-selling beer. Now, they’re not within sipping distance of top spot.

While there’s sometimes an upward bump in sales, the bottles that once dominated every beer fridge in the land, and taps behind saloons and pubs across the country, are disappearing bit by bit.


Giant UK-based brewer SABMiller , the company that owns Grolsch, is avoiding an estimated £20m of taxes in Africa and India every year - enough money to educate a quarter-of-a-million African children, according to ActionAid's new report, released today.

The report, Calling time: why SABMiller should stop dodging taxes in Africa reveals for the first time how the company, the world’s second biggest brewer, uses a complex system of tax havens to siphon profits out of subsidiaries in developing countries, depriving those governments of significant amounts of tax.
Martin Hearson, a tax specialist at ActionAid and the co-author of the report, said:


Tsingtao Brewery Co., the Chinese beer company founded by German settlers more than a century ago, will acquire Shandong Xin Immense Brewery Co. for 1.87 billion yuan ($281 million). The stock rose the most in three months in Hong Kong trading.

Tsingtao will pay cash to purchase 100 percent of its smaller rival, which brews and sells beer in China’s eastern Shandong province, according to a statement to Hong Kong’s stock exchange.


PLANNED strike by Thwaites staff was called off because of a legal technicality in a ‘massive blow’ to workers, it has emerged.

Employees at the brewery firm’s sites in Blackburn balloted last month in a row over sick pay but action was cancelled at the 11th hour.

However, it has now emerged that the proposed strike by 100 GMB union members failed because of a technicality, not because staff and Thwaites bosses reached a settlement.

Some members who had already accepted changes to the company’s sick pay scheme then voted in the strike ballot, rendering it invalid.