World's Largest Beer Brewer Crafts AUS $15 mln Expansion in Australia

Australia Trade and Investment Commission reported that Pirate Life Brewing, an Australian subsidiary of Belgian-based beverage and brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), is creating more than 80 jobs with a A$15 million investment in a new brewery and bar venue in South Australia.

Plans are underway to source all of the facility’s electricity from renewable energy by 2025. The South Australian Government is contributing A$2 million through its Economic Investment Fund for the site’s redevelopment.

Located in Port Adelaide’s historic wool-stores site, the high-tech plant is set to be one of the state’s largest craft breweries, aiming to quadruple Pirate Life’s annual beer production to over 11 million litres. The 80 new brewery jobs will take AB InBev’s total headcount in Australia to more than 2,000 employees.

Pirate Life will transform its current Hindmarsh brewery into an innovation center focused on training, R&D and specialty beers.

South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says Pirate Life has quickly caught the attention of consumers nationally and internationally. ‘Pirate Life will be a tourism draw-card for the Port, and I look forward to seeing the company achieve their goal of becoming one of Australia’s largest craft breweries.’

Pirate Life Chief Executive John Phinney says the decision to expand the business in South Australia was reinforced by the support received from the state government.

Founded in 2014 by father and son team Mick and Jack Cameron and Jared Proudfoot, Pirate Life has grown into a leading craft brewer, predominantly for the local market, with exports to New Zealand, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

AB InBev acquired Pirate Life in November 2017 and Pirate Life is ranked 54th on Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies. AB InBev owns more than 500 beer brands, including Carlton & United Breweries.

At the end of 2016 following six tough months on the picket line, with strong national and international support, IUF affiliates in Australia have defeated brutal union-busting by management of Australian brewer Carlton United Breweries owned by AB InBev. In July 2016, union maintenance workers at the company's Melbourne brewery were told their jobs would be outsourced to a new contractor but they could return to work as employees of the subcontractor - with a 65% pay cut!

Unions and management have concluded an agreement providing for: all workers who wish to return to work to do on their original union pay and conditions; any new contractor must meet the existing conditions; and no involuntary redundancies.

Source: Australia Trade and Investment Commission