Unite the Union asking Molson coors to reconsider pay cuts


We are all getting tired of this. The big four breweries are making more profit than ever before. They are all run by investment bankers that have no idea how to increase market share. They only know how to cut costs and acquire breweries. Soon there won't be anything left to cut or buy. The employees that they are treating poorly won't be able to afford their product. I hope the pendulum starts to swing back or there will be no middle class left.

The beer tax cut should prompt Molson Coors to rethink its proposed slashing of pay and conditions at its Burton-on-Trent plant (UK), Unite has said.

A meeting of more than 300 workers at Burton town hall reinforced the message to the management to reconsider its package of proposals, which includes axing the wages of 184 brewery technicians by up to £9,000-a-year.

Unite said that the company - makers of Carling lager - had been campaigning for a reduction in beer duty which had now been heard by the chancellor George Osborne, who in the budget, scrapped the planned 3p rise in beer duty and reduced the duty by 1p.
Pay cuts at Carling plant will be fought, says Unite

The firm has already initiated the 90-day consultation which could see the introduction of a radical package resulting in cuts to pay, and terms and conditions for the 455-strong workforce.

Unite regional officer Rick Coyle said: “At last night’s meeting, members were adamant that they would not contemplate this drastic cut to their pay and terms and conditions; especially at a time when household bills are going through the roof.

The workers have been given notice of radical new shift patterns with 30 days annual leave - leaving 335 days either working, or at home and contactable to come into work at 23 hours notic