Union at Magor shows InBev how Green is done


Green Award winner 2010: Tony Bates UNITE
Tony is branch chairman at the Magor Brewery site. The brewery is part of INBEV which is the biggest global brewing company in the world.

Two years ago Tony helped start a project called JUPITER which stands for Join us People in Tackling Energy Reduction. The project is driven from the shop floor and supported by management and it aims to reduce the energy used in the production process. Tony headed up the initial start of the project and he hand-picked a team of 'energy guardians' to work with him. He continues to chair the project with the help of a passionate team of energy guardians.

In just two years the team have achieved amazing results. They have managed to:

•reduce Water Consumption by 46%
•reduce Electricity Consumption by 49%
•reduce Heat by 23%
•in total they have reduced their overall carbon footprint by an impressive 40%
The project has now set up a coalition of Welsh companies co-chaired by the Carbon Trust and supported by the Welsh Assembly Government. The project is also being used by government as an example of best practice

Tony says: 'The union and its members have embraced this project and the company are very pleased with the results on a global level. The partnership approach is a major benefit to both unions and management.'