UK: Carlsberg stops production of Ansells Mild


Carlsberg has ceased production of a Ansells Mild ale in the UK due to a lack of demand from the country's pubs.

First produced by Birmingham-based Ansells Brewery, which was established in 1901, Ansells Mild has been pulled from production as Carlsberg cannot brew the necessary volume "to ensure quality", the Danish brewer confirmed today (14 June).

A spokesperson for Carlsberg said: “The demand from pubs for Ansells Mild has reduced so much that we can't brew the required volume of beer to ensure its high quality.”

However, the spokesperson added the company is not ruling out it the possibility of restarting brewing in the future. “If we could ensure enough pubs wanted to stock the beer and could be certain the volume we brew would guarantee quality, we would certainly consider brewing Ansells Mild again,” the spokesperson added.

Carlsberg was criticised by campaigner group CAMRA in 2008 after it announced it was closing the Tetley’s brewery in Leeds, Yorkshire. It later announced it was moving production of Tetley's to Wolverhampton.

Author: James Wilmore | 14 June 2012