Teamsters, Anheuser-Busch set to resume talking Riverside distribution


LABOR: Teamsters, Anheuser-Busch set to resume talking

Striking Teamsters and representatives of brewing company Anheuser-Busch will return to the bargaining table Monday, after more than a month where there were no efforts to settle the strike at the Riverside distribution center, a union representative said.

The strike started on June 25 after efforts to reach a contract agreement broke down. Overtime pay is one of the main tipping points in the talks, although the Teamsters have issues with some of the other aspects of what Anheuser-Busch is offering.


hat has kept some 130 Inland workers out of work and on the picket line since the start of the strike. The Teamsters since had extended pickets to Anheuser-Busch facilities in Sylmar and Carson in Los Angeles County, but have agreed to pull these pickets off in exchange for the restarting of talks, said Ruben Luna, an organizer for Bloomington-based Teamsters Local 166.

In the month since the start of the strike, one of the few points of contact for the two sides was in Riverside County Superior Court. Anheuser-Busch sought an injunction to limit the time Teamsters pickets could block the entrances and exits to the distribution center. A court commissioner sided with the union and declined to alter the time limit, which had been set by the police department.