Rights violations escalate at AB InBev India


AB InBev management at Sonepat factory in India has been refusing to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the newly elected committee of Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union since February 2016 and suspended 5 union leaders and members between March and July 2016.

Local management violated the locally signed agreement with the union dated August 4 2016 that committed the company to reinstate four union committee members when the Union President was again suspended on September 11, 2017 for joining an IUF coordination meeting of AB InBev unions in India. Another committee member was again suspended on November 7 2017. Currently workers continue their round the clock peaceful protest at the Sonepat factory gate.

Local management held the first labor welfare committee meeting on November 8 2017. The union refuses to accept the role of this committee unilaterally formed by the management.
AB InBev India management has engaged in, and continues to pursue, a deliberate and concerted effort to undermine the rights of workers at its Sonepat facility to impede workers access to freedom of association and collective bargaining rights.

The IUF urges AB InBev to exert whatever pressure is necessary on local management at Sonepat factory to ensure they reinstate the suspended and terminated union committee members. Local managements at AB InBev India facilities must be instructed to stop harassing union members for engaging in legitimate union activities and must enter into good faith negotiations with the unions to reach collective bargaining agreements.