Panama: IUF affiliate signs a collective agreement with SABMiller

After a long negotiation process where the Union of the Brewing Industry of Panama (STICP) had to call a strike and get to arbitration, finally last April, STICP won its fight for collective agreement which will be valid for three years. The negotiation process also involved the IUF-affiliated Industrial Workers Union of Manufacturing and Marketing of Refreshments Drinks, Sodas, Beers, Spirits & Related products (Sintrafcorebgacelis).

In an interview with the IUF Latin America region, Jaime Acevedo, Secretary of Defense of the Union, highlighted the main achievements as payment of minimum wage to workers in distribution and a wage increase of 3 percent for other departments as well as improvements in social benefits.
The leader also emphasized on the union`s recent affiliation to the IUF and the importance it had on the negotiation process.

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