Magor Brewery in Wales to Expand


MAGOR brewery has applied for planning application to expand its production which it hopes will improve employment in the area.

The brewery which celebrated its 35th anniversary in September is owned by ABInBev and is one of the largest AB InBev breweries in the UK


The application is to extend the existing building for bottling line number four to allow the installation of new pasteuriser. The application which has been submitted to Monmouthshire council’s planning department by Patrick Parsons on behalf of the brewery said the extension is required due to an increase in production.

The firm hopes that once the new pasteuriser is in place ‘the rise in output will result in improved employment prospects within the local community.’

The Brazilian/Belgian company currently employs 300 people and produces Stella Artois, Budweiser and Becks at the Magor brewery. The brewery was built in 1979 by Whitbread and currently operates 24 hours a day.

Tony Monteiro, brewery manager at AB InBev UK’s Magor Brewery, said: “Magor is AB InBev’s largest brewery in the UK, employing more than 300 people and brewing some of the world’s best-loved beers, including Budweiser and Stella Artois. We can confirm that we have applied for permission to extend one of our buildings in order to install a new pasteuriser which will allow us to increase our brewing capacity.”

The brewery can produce 2 million bottles, 1.8 million cans and 13,000 kegs in a single day. It produces more than 792 million pints of beer per year.

Cllr Frances Taylor, member for Mill ward in Magor, said: “Speaking on AB InBev as local employers – they are a valued local employer and the fact that they are hoping to improve the prospects they offer is positive.

The planning application is likely to be determined within the next week.