Heineken Doesn't Pay Bonuses at Rechytsapiva


First strike started in Belarus 100

Workers of the brewing and fermentation shop at Rechytsapiva brewery refused to start work in the morning on May 23.

The warning strike at Heineken-own brewery was caused by non-payment of bonuses, provided for in labour contracts, Radio Svaboda reports. The bonuses must make 30% of the salary.

Rechytsapiva staff was transferred under control of Heineken in early April with a promise from the administration to pay 30% bonuses. Workers, however, have not received the bonus payments. According to the new exchange rate, the wages fell lower than 100 dollars, which caused indignation to break out.

Vyachaslau Pamaleika, the deputy chairman of the district executive committee, came to calm down Rechytsapiva workers. Director Natallya Savastsenka claims there was no strike at the brewery and beer was made even at night.

The incident settled by 11 in the morning. The director received an e-mail confirming that bonuses were transferred to workers’ accounts. The workers were assured that the managers will take care of them and consider raising labour payment.