Germany: Vast majority of Carlsberg Holsten Brewery workers vote for strikes

The conflict over the upcoming move of the Holsten Brewery and the job losses as a result of this move continues to pick up speed even as Carlsberg promotes itself at the World Cup.

On Thursday, June 14, 2018, the IUF-affiliated NGG which represents workers in the Holsten brewery owned by Carlsberg held a ballot vote. 91.6% of the voting union members declared that they are in favor of further industrial action in the dispute over the social protection of employees. Now, longer, open-ended strikes can be expected during the World Cup.

Silke Kettner, NGG negotiator: "After the eighth round of negotiations ended without result, our patience is at an end. Since October of last year, we have been trying to find solutions to the problem at hand whilst showing great restraint. The employees, most of whom have been doing good work for the brewery for decades, do not deserve a deal like this!"

NGG asks for compensation and other social plan benefits to be improved. "Management must finally understand the seriousness of the situation and must look for ways to resolve the conflict with us. Otherwise, further strikes cannot be prevented, that must be clear to everyone! "Kettner continues.

The IUF has proposed a meeting with the Carlsberg corporate management to discuss the way the company has handled this restructuring in Germany but corporate management failed to respond to our meeting offer and stopped communication.

The IUF will continue to insist that management at Carlsberg Germany and corporate management in Copenhagen to enter into good faith negotiations with NGG over all issues surrounding this restructuring and to mitigate the impact of the Carlsberg plan.