Germany: NGG organizes a 24 hour strike as Carlsberg axes jobs at Hamburg factory


Carlsberg sold the Holsten Brewery site in Altona, Hamburg, one of the largest brewery sites in Europe and an industrial site since 1879. Carlsberg has bought a new site in Hamburg and aims to move its production site to this Hamburg-Hausbruch site in 2018. But not all employees will be offered jobs there. Carlsberg plans to axe 74 jobs in production and logistics which means about 1/3 of the current workforce in production and logistics will lose their jobs.

The IUF-affiliated NGG represents workers at Holsten Hamburg site and the union is currently trying to negotiate to mitigate the impact of the Carlsberg plan. NGG and its members has criticized Carlsberg's demands for an agreement with the plant works council even though the works council has no legal authority to sign agreements involving a social plan arising from any redundancies. Carlsberg's proposal to the works council was also well below the level of previous social plans. NGG fears more job losses and outsourcing at the new site particularly since the company has failed to meet its obligations to provide clear and timely information about the proposed changes.

Carlsberg has already stated that the new factory will have reduced capacity, shorter delivery routes and new technology.

Following failed negotiations and little confidence in management plans, NGG organized its first strike in December 2017 and organized a second 24 hours warning strike on January 31, 2018.

The IUF calls on management at Carlsberg Germany and corporate management in Copenhagen to provide the necessary information about any plans for the new factory and to enter into good faith negotiations with NGG over all issues surrounding this assault on employment.