Ethiopia's Meta Brewery for sale


Five Companies Bidding For Ethiopia's Meta Brewery
The largest brewery in the country, Meta Abo Brewery, is up for sale by the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Authority (PPESA), according to Capital. Five companies are shortlisted and on the bid as of Thursday December 16, 2010.

Heineken (the Netherlands popular brewery), Sab Miller (South African Beverage Company that manages Ambo Mineral Water Factory with the government), Diageo (UK company which produces Johnnie Walker whisky and different popular beers), BGI Ethiopia (which produces the leading beer brands St George, Castel, Bati) and recently formed share company, Habesha Brewery with the collaboration with its four partners are the companies that delivered their proposal for the authority.

Meta, 20km west of Addis Ababa concluded its expansion work in the past budget year. The company has attracted a huge local and international market due to its closeness to the capital city, which is a huge potential market for the beer industry.

From the total five shortlisted competitor companies only Habesha’s group is affiliated with local investors, while the rest are popular in international beer market.

However Uni Brou, a Belgium based brewery, is part of the Habesha’s group, the other four entities including GetAs International, DH Geda, Meta Employees Social Security SC are part of Habesha’s group.

According to the official the final selection will be decided by the board of the authority that is chaired by Hilemariam Desalgn, Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Foreign Affairs.