A Challenge to the Big Four


The beer industry will soon get an injection of Chinese ambition as the Yanjing Brewery of Beijing has announced plans to become one of the top five beer makers in the world by 2015.

It’s not lacking for size in 2011, though, as the brewing facility is stationed on 550 acres and employs nearly 20,000 individuals. While its focus is on the flagship and namesake pale lager, Yanjing also produces a number of other beverages, including soft drinks, flavored teas and a plum syrup drink very popular in China.

Already the eighth largest beer producer worldwide, Yanjing made and sold 5.03 million kiloliters of beer in 2010, an almost 8% increase over fiscal year 2009. Its goal is to reach 8 million kiloliters and to drive 23 billion yuan – or nearly $3.5 billion (USD) – in revenue by 2015!

They’ve got their work cut out for them to climb the ladder, though. By comparison, in 2009, the world’s largest brewer AB InBev totaled over $36 billion in revenue. SABMiller made over $18 billion.

It may seem a tall task, but the brewery’s rate of growth is astounding. While Anheuser Busch has had over a century and a half to build its market share, Yanjing Brewery was founded in 1980.