Beer For Dogs


Do you want your dog to get snokkered with you this weekend? Now he can! All you have to do is fetch him some Dog Beer.

As most dog owners know, despite the funny commercials, you cannot safely give a dog a Budweiser (or any beer made for humans). It can make him sick, dehydrated and can even be fatal, depending on how much he drinks. And, although dogs are attracted to the smell of hops, many dogs are sensitive to them.

However, don’t let that discourage you from letting Fido drink you under the table after a long day at work. Dog Beer, which happens to be beef flavored, is safe for dogs. It is non-alcoholic, non-carbonated and safe for human beings to drink also. Of course, just like any other beer, Dog Beer smells like hops. At $5.50 a bottle, Dog Beer is even more expensive than human beer. It seems like for that price, it would at least give Fido a little buzz, but I suppose not. Oh well, on those lonely Saturday nights, I can still see that it might be fun to have a cold one with my dog. You can purchase Dog Beer online here.