AmBev workers end strike in Manaus following a successful agreement

The strike in Manaus had started on May 14 and workers reached agreement on May 16.
Workers and Brewery Company reached the following agreement:

-General adjustment of 11,5% for all workers over the last salary, paid until April 31 (around US$ 300 / 400 ). The new rule is to be applied as of May 1st.

-The advances will be integrated to the salaries, without any discounts.

-The wage floor was adjusted by 28%. New employees Will earn R$ 950,00 (around US$ 420). Operators will earn, from now on, R$ 1,150.00 (around US$ 500).

-Transport allowance, which previously would reduce an employee’s monthly income by 6%, has now decreased its impact to a 4,5% rate.

-Meal allowance, previously meaning a discount of R$ 10,00 (US$ 4) over an employee’s income, will cost them monthly R$ 3,50 (US$ 1.75) from now on.

-Job security for 30 days and full payment of the days that workers were on strike.

- The profit-sharing Plan and the Hour Bank system shall be applied with more transparency and effective participation of the union.