AB InBev's profit rises 45 percent

AB InBev reported a $2.52 billion profit in the fourth quarter, up from $1.74 billion a year earlier, and sales rose 4.6 percent to $11.7 billion.

The company expects to see an extra boost due to better global growth and the World Cup, especially in Brazil. Meanwhile the IUF affiliated National Confederation of Workers in the Food and Allied (CNTA) launched a national campaign to combat occupational accidents and occupational diseases in beverages sector on February 20, 2014.

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World’s biggest brewer’s results by region are as follows:

- Eearnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) rose by 54% to $1.23bn
- Beer volumes were down by 2% for the 12 months of 2013 and by 4.5% in the final quarter
- Domestic beer-only revenue-per-hectolitre grew by 6.6% in FY13 and by 7.3% in 4Q13

Latin America North (LAN)
- EBITDA rose by 10.1% to $5.8bn in the year
- LAN volumes fell by 3.3% in 2013, with beer volumes down 3.9% and soft drinks volume down 1.7%
- Brazil beer volumes fell by 4.3% in FY13, and by 3.4% in the final quarter of the year
- Brazil market share fell by 60 basis points in the year

Latin America South (LAS)
- EBITDA from the region increased by 17.4% to $1.5bn in 2013
- Volumes in fell by 3.1% in the year, with beer volumes down 2.8% and non-beer volumes down 3.5%
- Argentina volumes fell by 1.9% in the full year

North America
- Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) up by 0.4% to $6.7bn; total volumes down 2.6% in 2013 and 1.9% in the fourth quarter
- US sales to retailers down by 2.9% in 2013; market share falling by about 50 basis points in the year and by 40 basis points in 4Q13
- In Canada, beer volumes fell by 2.3% in the year, with market share down by about 40 basis points

Western Europe
- EBITDA fell by 5% to $1.1bn in FY13
- Beer volumes in the region declined by 4.3% in the year and by 3.6% in 4Q
- Belgium beer volumes fell by 3% in 2013 because of bad weather in the first half of the year
- Germany's beer volumes were down by 7.1% in the year
- UK volumes fell by 3% in the year, but Budweiser volumes increased by 3%

Central & Eastern Europe
- EBITDA dropped by 11.1% to $225m in the year
- Beer volumes fell by 15.8% in 2013 and by 24.8% in the fourth quarter
- Full-year Russian beer volumes decreased by 13.6%
- In Ukraine, beer volumes fell by 18.9% in 2013, and by 41.3% in the last quarter, with the instability in the country significantly impacting beer consumption

Asia Pacific
- EBITDA grew 31.5% to $546m in 2013 with revenue-per-hectoliters jumping by 8.2%
- Asia Pacific beer volumes increased by 9% in the year
- China beer volumes grew by 8.9%