AB InBev unions in India meet and unite to fight rights violations


The IUF organized a meeting of unions representing AB InBev workers in five different factories in India which was held on September 9-10, 2017.

Unions reported an increase in unfair labour practices following the company’s acquisition of SAB Miller. Practices include company interference in union activities and intimidating attempts to avoid unions meeting together to share experiences and to forge solidarity links across India.

Issues discussed included the refusal by the company to enter into collective bargaining with the union at Paradeep factory and the refusal to negotiate the implementation of environmental laws with the union in Sonepat factory, a failure to act which led to the temporary closure of the factory by government authorities.

AB Inbev has also threatened suspension of the union president of the Sonepat factory for attending the IUF meeting.

Local AB InBev unions resolved to vigorously defend their rights and have joined with the IUF to call on the company to ensure that management in India respects the rights of workers and negotiates with unions in good faith.