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The 3.3%-abv Heineken 3 has captured almost a third of the Australian premium mid-strength beer market since its launch last year, Heineken has said.

The beer, which is the focus of a new marketing campaign in Australia, accounted for 31% of July sales in the premium mid-strength category, according to scanner data cited by Heineken today. The brand also has a 21% awareness level with 18-65-year-old consumers and a 79% repurchase rate.

The US craft beer segment may have peaked, a new report suggests, as figures show stock keeping unit (SKUs) going into decline.

Overall beer SKUs in the US have more than doubled in the past six years, according to figures collated by Consumer Edge Research. The increase, from 6,388 in 2011 to 13,238 at the end of last year, was driven by a rise in the number of independent brewers alongside the growing demand for craft beer.

However, since the start of this year, SKUs have dropped to 12,786, a decrease of almost 4%.

Asahi is to start producing its Super Dry beer brand in Europe, the brewer's president has told reporters.

Super Dry will begin production at Asahi's Padua factory in the north of Italy, one of the brewing assets it acquired from SABMiller last year, Akiyoshi Koji told Bloomberg in an interview last week. The company will start selling Super Dry in Italy and the UK from January, Koji said.

"I tried the beer there before production began, and the taste was the same as in Japan," Koji said in Tokyo.

AB InBev is buying Sydney craft brewer 4 Pines, in a deal that 4 Pines says will enable its plans for national and global expansion.

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Asahi Group Holdings, Japan's largest brewer, is ready to spend "billions of dollars" on acquisitions, having spent $11 billion over the past year to acquire beer brands across Europe from Anheuser-Busch InBev .

Asahi president Akiyoshi Koji said "bolt-on" acquisitions in Europe, including beer makers and distributors, were a priority, as the company carves out a larger slice of the overseas market to compensate for slow growth at home.

He did not specify how much he would spend and did not name potential targets.

Mexican group FEMSA has sold off just over 5% of the 20% stake it holds in Heineken, bringing in almost US$3bn.

Seven years ago, Heineken acquired FEMSA's beer business, FEMSA Cerveza, in return for the 20% stake. The deal at the time valued the 20% holding at around EUR3.8bn.

FEMSA Cerveza is the number two brewer in Mexico.


The IUF organized a meeting of unions representing AB InBev workers in five different factories in India which was held on September 9-10, 2017.

Unions reported an increase in unfair labour practices following the company’s acquisition of SAB Miller. Practices include company interference in union activities and intimidating attempts to avoid unions meeting together to share experiences and to forge solidarity links across India.

Anheuser-Busch InBev has confirmed that it has reduced the number of sales positions in its craft and imported beer brands unit, The High End, in the US.

Late last week, Beer Street Journal reported that around 360 jobs were going at the division. A spokesperson for A-B InBev admitted that the brewer's structure in the country had become "overly complex", and that the cuts would affect around 300 employees.

In a letter sent on Friday to its wholesalers, A-B InBev detailed moves that would result in a reduction in the number of sales staff.


Two IUF-affiliated Oriental Brewery (OB) workers’ unions organized a strike that lasted for a week across 3 plants in Korea in support of difficult negotiations which ultimately led to a collective agreement signed with Oriental Brewery that is owned by the brewery giant, AB InBev.

The Agreement follows countless rounds of negotiations with OB and included various mediation processes with state authorities, warning strikes, and a refusal by the company to implement the previously signed collective bargaining agreements.