Recognition of Haitian Heineken union leads to improvement in rights and working conditions


SYTBRANA, the Haitian union that the IUF and particularly our Brewery Division and IUF affiliates at Heineken and beyond have supported through a lengthy struggle in Haiti has seen a significant improvement locally with full recognition for the union, an agreement in principle to reinstate dismissed union representatives and a change in local management attitude and personnel.

As a result of recent negotiations with the new local management, the union succeeded in changing 12 hours shifts to 8 hour shifts resulting in 3 shifts a day for production lines and avoiding the dismissal of 45 workers of a closed line and achieving their reassignment to other production lines.

The union and the Heineken-Haiti Management (BRANA) also agreed on wage adjustments for the vast majority of employees. The adjustment compensated for the overtime income loss as a result of less working hours daily.

The IUF Secretariat received confirmation of these successes from the union and also a statement of appreciation to IUF members who supported this struggle. In the union's own words, "We thank the IUF for always standing by our side in order to improve the respect of the BRANA workers".